What You Should Do If You Hit Bingo

Bingo is certainly one of the oldest games in the world, played by thousands – if not millions – of people regularly. Even with online bingo being so popular, people still love to play bingo at brick and mortar bingo halls regularly. Even Las Vegas casinos are now offering the game of bingo as part of their excitements. The most thrilling moment when you play bingo is of course when you hit Bingo. What should you do then? That is why we are going to discuss in this article. (more…)

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Things that make you go WOW!

Bingo means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some all they want is to spend some time in a relaxed environment chatting with friends, others want to play a bit of bingo but love the slots and casino games on the side, there are those of us that are always on the look out for the best deals and those that want to play for the big jackpots. Whatever category you fit in (if any) it’s always great when you find a site that offers all these things. (more…)

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Discover new bingo site Bingo Street

A new bingo site has recently opened that is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded market. Bingo Street offers plain and simple bingo and slots games and plain and simple offers.

Online bingo players joining the site just need to deposit a minimum of £5 to be given the opportunity to Spin the Signpost for the chance to have their first deposit multiplied up to ten times to play with at the site. The offers contained within this offer are worth a minimum of 250% of the first deposit made. (more…)

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