Bingo Weekend: What to Prepare

A bingo weekend can be the perfect getaway plan after a long week of working. The game of bingo is really relaxing as well as exciting to play, and you will have a fantastic weekend indeed. With other bingo players also joining the excitement, you will be able to make new friends and meet a lot of people from your neighborhood. There are several things you need to prepare in order to make your bingo weekend highly enjoyable. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

First of all, you need high quality dabbers to help you mark called numbers. Make sure you have at least two dabbers with you, preferably of different colors, so that you can continue playing even when one of the dabbers stops working. With two colors in hand, you can also mark even and odd numbers using different colors to make it easier for the operator to check your bingo cards.

A clear Scotch tape can also be handy, especially if you plan on playing multiple bingo cards at the same time or if you are playing one of those continuous bingo games using multiple cards. Make sure you tape the back of your bingo cards and not the front so that you can still mark numbers easily with your dabbers.

Don’t forget to check if foods and drinks are allowed in the bingo hall and bring some with you if they do. You will have no trouble at all enjoying a fantastic weekend playing bingo.